Meenakshi Giridhar

Delivery Lead

Meenakshi is a commerce graduate from Mount Carmel college. Coming from the services background, Meenakshi's strength is working for women's causes and Durga is the perfect platform for her to be in the very space that enables her to stay on the cause closest to her. At Durga, her role is primarily to facilitate workshops and lead on the deliverables. From coordinating activities with various partners to delivering workshops, her role encompasses all the delivery aspects of Durga. Her keen interest in working with women from all walks of life and helping them discover their strengths, gives Meenakshi the opportunity to be able to be a change agent. Besides working with women, Meenakshi has published a book of short stories called Love - Beautiful & Unrequited and writes poetry and articles. She is a Grand Master in Reiki and is an alternative healer too. In her spare time, she reads, listens to music and volunteers for causes.

Email ID: meenakshi@durgaindia.org