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Durga and her initiatives

A Durga understands behaviour and deters sexual harassment in the first instance

Durga works on equipping all to understand behaviour to deter sexual harassment in public spaces. We do this through theatre-based workshops for both men and women in schools, colleges, workspaces and in communities. Do you want to be a Durga too?






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And I Thought Public Spaces are Meant for Everyone!

Public spaces in India lack even the most basic amenities, making them unsafe for women and the vulnerable. Priya Varadarajan explores different obstacles and solutions – and recounts a very personal tale of what it means to be a woman in today’s India.

Domestic violence - looking at the pandemic from a gender lens  Read more at:

There are millions of women living in India witnessing and experiencing another pandemic within the pandemic – the virus called domestic violence.

A salute to the women who are at the forefront during this pandemic

As leaders, primary caregivers, in healthcare, and as rural health workers, women have been playing an important role during the pandemic.

Nari Adalat – Accessible Alternative Justice Systems Structured For, Of And By Women

So what makes the Nari Adalat so powerful that they can summon any man in a patriarchal UP? Will the men heed to their authority? Why?

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