At Schools

It was a usual day at school when we heard that there is someone new who is going to meet us. We are perplexed if it is going to be boring and about academics again. 

Our prayers were answered, it was an amazing class where we had fun and spoke about a few things which we couldn't speak anywhere else. We learnt from Durga that they will meet us regularly  

Thank you Chitra and Ravi for the taking our visitor through the glimpse of your journey. Let me take you through our work at schools and with adolescent boys and girls. 

Durga in Every Child

Durga engages with the boys and girls over 25 sessions where the adolescents learn about different concepts which will nurture their thinking and help them take control of their safety

Team Durga in Every Child

For us, Each Child is very special and spending time with them makes our work more valuable. 

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