Building Blocks

Why Building Blocks 


Building Blocks  towards confidence, respect and accountability

Prevention is Critical

 90% of crimes are preventable 

Hope for the future

despite a terrible past - shelter home

We want healthy social behaviour for everyone who is in various social circles - normal to most vulnerable

Early Intervention is essential for the kind of behaviour change that we envisage to see in Durga


Largely Prevention is undermined and not focussed on


Extension of our regular work As we focus on prevention in everything we do in Durga


The target group chosen is to bring them out of the cycle of criminal/victimhood and to groom them into socially conscious citizens 


Cox Town kids are at the brink of becoming “anti-social” or crime-prone. This is our only chance to work and give them a life they need

What do we do 


Shelter Home

  • We have been working with the girls of this shelter home for a year

  • The girls, through our work through theatre, games, laughter and confidence-building sessions, have moved a long way in recognising that abuse does not stop a girl from hoping and planning for her life 

  • Our regular (weekly) engagement with them will help us re-build their lives. We hope that about 30% of the girls complete their studies and look for next steps for career opportunities

  • The engagement also builds community responsibility so that the girls look out for one another and help each other individually too.

Observation Home

  • The boys in the observation home are on the wrong side of the law for different forms of a crime they have committed according to the Juvenile Justice Board 

  • We have been working with them on a weekly basis and have just started building trust with them

  • They are slowly beginning to look forward to our sessions and want to participate as any other child

  • Our hope is to ensure that these boys and girls have a good time through the session and gradually build respect, trust and hope for a future

  • We hope that they will become responsible citizens in future and stop crime


Cox Town School 

  • The children we work with the start of Class 8. The focus will be to bring accountability, responsibility and a sense of respect among the boys and girls

  • We will use theatre-based techniques and art-based teaching to help motivate children to engage better and smarter with the school. We hope that at least 50% of the children will pass Class 10 (today they are in Class 8)

  • All the children have failed their exams because of the backgrounds they come from


Team Building Blocks 

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