NGAGE Summit

Durga’s Youth Summit is one of its first kind of virtual summits which engages with youth on subject matters that impact them from a personal and collective perspective. The summit aims to deepen conversations around these subjects with active citizenship at the fore and through the lens of gender-equity; in order to spark effective solutions for an equitable & sustainable future.

What Does The Youth Summit Offer?

Through the Summit, our youth — our greatest asset — will understand that it is imperative that they take cognizance of prevalent gender biases which limit our nation’s development, sensitize themselves about their rights and responsibilities, harness their collective potential for the greater good of their personal and wider circles, and engage in conversations (that involves agreement or dissent) with respect for one another and the Constitution. 


The Youth Summit will serve as a thought-provoking platform for young citizens to understand that they can bring about great changes while they engage in meaningful conversations and make conscious efforts to bridge gender gaps.

How Is The Summit Planned?

Reinforcing the spirit of the 16-days of global activism — against gender-based violence — observed from November 25th (the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) to December 10th, the Youth Summit is planned from November 25th to November 28th, 2020. 


This summit will be oriented around 3 key Engagement Subjects, listed below, under which various topic discussions are to be conducted:


  • Feminists Against Patriarchy

  • Constitution

  • Social Innovations and Projects

These Engagement Areas will be sieved through the reference frames of Safety, Parity, and Justice & Law as separate discourses, keeping in mind the relevancy and the urgency of the times we live in.

Why A Virtual Summit?

During these surreal times of COVID-19, our engagement with youth becomes critical as most of the colleges and universities are physically shut and offer less scope for human interactions, especially around issues beyond oneself. A virtual Summit, therefore, is quintessential, in reassuring youth that their concerns/opinions/suggestions are being heard and that the guidance they seek in solving problems for the future is available to them.


Going virtual helps reach more youth, across various parts of our country, whose problems are not the same. The Summit will empower them with a platform to speak up for themselves, get insights from distinguished personalities/organizations who tap into youth collectives to work closely on societal welfare and even engage with causes/collectives for societal development.

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