Any Body Can be Durga 


To all of us who want to be a Durga, here is an online module of just over 1 hour giving us all the Gyan we would need to have to Take Control. This is so simple just like ABCD!


Durga Alarms 


The safety of women in public transports has been an issue of concern with the cases of harassment rising at an alarming rate. Various measures are been taken by public transport authorities across the country to make it safe again for women. One such effort is the ‘DURGA’ alarms installed by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation(BMTC) in its buses. According to the Deccan Herald, this initiative was taken to safeguard women and children against any sort of harassment in public transport.


Durga Panic Alarms have been installed in Delhi. The pilot is for 5 buses in the DIMTS network - Orange buses.
We are working on ways of dissemination of information to commuters and creating awareness among all.


Safe Neighbourhood Action Plan

Women Safety is not only a woman’s problem, but it is also very important to address the issue in multi-dimension. Our goals of the project are:

  1. The shift in thinking about safety

  2. To create a Safe Neighbourhood

  3. To equip women to take control over their safety

  4. To inject the spirit of DARE( Active Bystander) 

Durga is working in Jayanagar exclusively for this project. The project will focus on 

  1. Creating 3000 Durgas in schools, colleges, and communities

  2. Creating sustainable communities called VOICE 

  3. Sensitizing the BMTC Staff on Durga Alarms and women safety in buses. 

  4. Spreading awareness on Durga Alarms in buses

  5. Partnering with State to help sustain the programme 

The target Beneficiaries are girls and women in schools, colleges, and communities along with other actors including drivers of public transport, public as bystanders, school teachers, college professors, duty bearers and the welfare state in the geography


Citizens Audit of Public Spaces

A platform that enables citizens to audit public spaces within a framework to ascertain Women-Friendliness of a specific public space. This will then be uploaded into the CAPS portal for public consumption

Why CAPS? 

 At Durga, we would like to make more public spaces accessible to women. If its an attitude shift like going to a police station, we would like to work on addressing that and if it a safety issue, we would like to bring solutions there too.

Who can conduct Audits 

Any citizen who feels responsible to understand and identify if a space is accessible for women in general or in their households can be a CAPS volunteer. 

Where will CAPS work

Bus Stops
Police Stations
Popular Streets/Spaces

Audited Public Spaces

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Framework for CAPS