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Why raise VOICE in a campus?

To create leaders who believe in gender equity

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To create awareness about women's safety issues

To involve all genders in the conversation about women's safety

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To help women reclaim safe spaces in campuses


To equip women to deter sexual harassment

To cascade The Durga Way in campuses

What is VOICE

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Democratic Thinking, Creating, Curating Space to Sustain the Durga Ethos

VOICE is a community of enthusiastic and driven boys, girls, men and women in campus who mould themselves to become Durga Champions and Ambassadors of Safety. VOICE team’s efforts consciously revolve around the theme of women’s safety. Bustling with ideas and energy, these Durga Champions and Ambassadors work relentlessly towards creating awareness and equipping women with self-help techniques, thereby instilling a sense of security in women and creating more DURGAs.

How To Raise VOICE in your campus?

Team Durga will  facilitate a  workshop in the college to equip the students to become Durga

Team Durga will conduct orientation for the Durga Champions on VOICE

Team VOICE will plan the activities to be implemented by the labs to spread the message of Gender equity and safe space creation

Team VOICE will host a annual event to present the annual report of VOICE and also pass the baton to the next generation of VOICE

Durga Workshop
Durga Orientation Session
VOICE Activities Planning
Annual Report of VOICE
Identify Durga Champions

Team Durga will  identify the Durga Champions who want to take forward the message of Gender equity

Official Launch of VOICE

Team Voice will host an official launch event of the lab in the campus

Quarterly Report of VOICE

Team VOICE will be reporting the quarterly activities to both the concerned coordinator of college management and Durga


Monika and Nagendra who are Alumni of VOICE-DSI and  VOICE-BIT, who is now part of Durga to create safe and sustainable spaces in campuses. 

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"We learnt how to lead, think and realised the change starts from us. Our vision is to create more free-thinkers and socially responsible leaders who take control of their safety and intervene when a woman is in distress."

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