‘Cos that’s who we are!

The bus roared in the capital all through that night

while the demons inside tortured and tormented beyond human might

yet all the screams and wails that echoed under that dark sky

were not audible to a single passer-by

What followed was the national outrage

the protests, marches and dharnas that they did stage

a candle was lit here and a demand was filed there

there was utter chaos, accusations and angry people everywhere

She shouldn’t have stepped out so late at night

getting into a bus with a guy friend is just not right?

Women should be home and always looked after by men

with no husband or brother to tag, no stepping out for her then?

There were so many suggestions and everyone had an idea

She could have been docile or just called the rapist her ‘Bhaiya’!

Lets place cameras, lets have more cops

Lets just keep her at home was a plan most tops

Its our life, shouldn’t we have a say?

On what we do and how, be it night or day?

Can I not have the right to responsible freedom

In this world only for men and their kingdom!

I decide that I will acquire enough skill

All my roles with the best measure I will fulfil

Its my safety at every step that I will keep in mind

As the first police woman for myself, I’m more empowered, you will find!

We have come together for a cause thats core to us

To be who we are, whether in a taxi, train or bus

We help one another, our perpetrators cant go far

Being that Durga in times of need, cos that’s who we are!

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