Inner Durga – Take Control of Your Own Experiences

Every woman is a Durga – we have the capability to be fierce but also calm, resilient, wise and strong. Many times these aspects of our personas can be hidden away or ignored as we face new challenges, social norms and regulations. However, by recognizing our own power and strength, we can change our self-perception and behavior – this is what will improve the quality of our everyday lives.

To feel more confident, think more positively, live more freely and make a difference in society, we need to bring out our “inner Durga”. As a “Durga” – we must Dare to Understand behavior, Respond appropriately and Guard ourselves. These terms have nothing to do with religion or status – rather, they are a way for women to take control of their own experiences regardless of their different social situations.

One way to take control of your experiences is to observe. A Durga is all-seeing, yet unafraid. In the same way, by observing our physical environments and social situations actively, but without fear, we can bring out our inner goddess. This will help us take control of the situations we are in – by knowing our environment, we may avoid being caught unawares. To whom do those footsteps behind me belong? How many men with two-wheelers are standing on the corner of the street? Is my cab driver taking a familiar route? To observe without fear, but with alertness, may help us think of appropriate steps to respond to something that is threatening or uncomfortable.

Observation is just one step forward in the journey towards bringing out our inner Durga. This is a journey that is tremendously personalized and subjective but always consists of establishing safety, security and a sense of self-worth.

By Diya Ravindran

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