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Sexual Harassment is any unsolicited stare, glare, whistle, touch or any act that makes a woman feel sexually violated. Every second there are 1000s and 10s of 1000s of women who experience various forms of sexual harassment. Going beyond the facts and figures, what pierces the conscience further is the constant insecurity that has seeped into women, the inherent bundle of fear. A woman’s fear reflects on the way she dresses, in the way she sits and the way she walks. But isn’t it every woman’s right to feel safe and trust her space? How has that come to be regarded as a luxury?

Durga strives to create a world that just lets her be.

The daily news screams of extreme violence against women, of third-degree crime like rape and murder which is received with the clicking of tongues, disapprovals only to be forgotten later. These crimes are incredulously wrapped in the blanket of social acceptance. No crime can be shrugged away as trivial because crime doesn’t come in sizes. This highlights the significance of having open-hearted conversations about it. Every second, there are a million women and girls who experience one or the other form of harassment.


Who We Are


Safety for all against sexual harassment


Orchestrating the role of all four players: men, women, communities and spaces in women’s safety

Durga steps in to bridge this void.

We believe that womanhood is to be loved, not feared. At Durga, we speak about everyday struggles that are silenced of dismissed and spell out what is silently conveyed. 

Durga replaces silence with a voice.

Unlike in the West, Indian girls are neither educated with deterrence skills nor exposed to the concept of sexual harassment in the form of free discussions. A girl’s issue is hardly ever received with respect. At best, she is made to dismiss it saying ‘boys will be boys’! At worst, the blame shifts on the victim herself. ‘Why did you smile and talk to him, surely it’s your fault!’

Durga listens to her instead.

A woman isn’t helpless. She is just helped less. Durga is here to change that because dignity is fundamental to life. Every woman should be able to draw her boundaries and trust her space.

The Durga family reaches out to women and makes her struggles its own.

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