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Durga in Every Community 

A Durga in Every Community was born when Sareen (name changed), a 32-year-old girl, walked into our office one morning asking for a job to conduct workshops on safety and confidence for young girls. We had facilitated a workshop for Sareen a few months ago. Sareen comes from a poor family and had to discontinue her studies after Class 12 so that she could look after her younger sister while her parents went to work. Sareen works in a garment factory and is harassed, abused and short-changed at every opportunity.


There are millions of Sareen in our midst today. Girls who have some basic education but not enough to negotiate well for themselves resulting in being abused or domestic violated. Confidence, awareness, preparedness and ability to claim one's’ space is what we nurture at Durga. Sareen feels since she couldn’t practice this for herself till she attended our workshop, she would want to help other girls like her acquire the skill early on. 

Why Durga in Every Community

  • Empower women from the identified community so as to reduce domestic violence.

  • Address sexual harassment head-on either at home, in public or in the workplace

  • Provide access or knowledge to underprivileged community to overcome sexual violence

  • Bring awareness on effective responses and conduct critical conversations to build right skills 

What do we do 


Team Durga in Every Community

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