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Why is it important to have equal representation in senior leadership 

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How can one deliberate on unconscious bias? 

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What is Sexual Harassment at work place? 

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Is Gender Parity an issue? 

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Does Gender Inequity affect productivity?

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How can we curb discrimination at workspace? 


How can leadership change the work culture 

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POSH implementation

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Durga helps organisations navigate through the legal implications of implementing POSH by helping them draft the policy, set up their IC committees, induct the IC members, conduct workshops for employees and the IC committee members, deliberate on cases, help them also with documentation.

End to End

POSH Implementation

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The Act mandates that every organisation having more than 10 employees must have a POSH policy and Durga assists organisations in drafting a comprehensive document that conforms to the Act as well as the needs of the organisation.

Policy Formation 

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Durga sits on the IC committee of organisations as an external member, which is mandated by the Act. The external member is a third person who has no personal agenda in the organisation and who brings an unbiased perspective to all discussions related to POSH. They meet the other IC members in regular intervals and who also deliberates on cases and assists in documenting the proceedings of the cases.

 Part Of ICC committee as an external member

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The Act mandates that the organisations must conduct sensitisation workshops at regular intervals and Durga conducts these to ensure that all employees are made aware of what behaviour is appropriate and what constitutes inappropriate behaviour.

Sensitisation of Employee around POSH implication 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Team Corporate Engagements

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